Tips to help prepare for your photo shoot!

We want you to be you, so bring your favorite outfits.   Preparing for you photo shoot is essential! 

Bright solid color are always best.  Bring a variety of outfits and colors.  Going from formal to casual is okay.  Make sure to bring an outfit or two that your mom will like, that way everyone is happy.  Avoid large branding names or words on clothing. Layered clothing looks great in photographs. 

Make sure your clothes fit properly and are not wrinkled!!  Please do no bring your clothes in bags that will cause wrinkling.  Your clothes should be flattering to your body type.  We want you to look your best during your session.  If you feel like you have larger arms, please avoid sleeveless tops.   Dark tops with long sleeves work best.  If you are  going to wear light clothing, stay away from dark or flowered undergarments.  Wearing something flesh colored works best. 

Please do NOT tan the week prior to your photo shoot.  This will only make you look orange or red in your photos!

Don't be afraid to bring along props.  Hats, jackets, jewelry, an instrument, your sun glass collection, an iPod, your favorite book, these all make for great additions to your portraits.  Remember we want you to be YOU!

Bring your uniform, helmet, shoulder pads, bat, tennis racket, Letterman's jacket and ball.  These all work great in portraits and help highlight what you've accomplished. 

It may not seem like it, but cloudy and overcast days are the BEST for shooting outdoor sessions.  Should the weather get bad, DON'T CANCEL!!  We can still shoot your studio session and reschedule the outdoor part if necessary.